O (Inexpensive) Christmas Tree

Last December, the Mister and I were not feeling very festive. Or very flush, as I had just been laid off. So we almost didn't put up a tree. Too expensive, too much of a hassle, too... cheerful. But as the early days of December went by, I realized it's important to make the effort, and the cheer would follow. I was sure I could find a way to do it on the cheap - I had the time.

I remembered my mom telling how her dad used to take her and my Uncle Mike to Chubby and Tubby on Aurora for their Christmas tree when she was a little girl. My Grandpa: a very frugal guy, but also a big fan of Christmas, its associated festivity, and, wisely, keeping my Grandmother happy. And Grandma loved Christmas.

My mom remembers that there were two piles of trees: the one dollar pile and the five dollar pile. I'm sure you can guess which pile they chose from.

Even though Chubby and Tubby is no more, I knew they still sold Christmas trees in a nursery a bit north of their original location, so off I went up Aurora Avenue to tackle the tree.

It was a Christmas miracle! Okay, so nothing like the birth of Jesus or anything, not even close in fact, but I was really impressed. A friendly gentlemen patiently held the trees up for my scrutiny, and factoring in my Christmas Tree Rules of Thumb (Number One: it must be taller than me. Luckily I'm only five-two. Number Two: must have a nice, straight top for the star, since that's what everyone looks at), found me the perfect Noble Fir.

Usually that kind of tree is expensive, but at Chubby and Tubby they're $25 with tax (Doug Firs and Spruces are even less). They put it in the back of my car for me and I was on my way, thinking, 'that wasn't so bad. That was cake.'

In disbelief, I fully expected it to drop every one of its needles in a massive avalanche of prickly green the moment I stood it up in the living room. But it remained fresh and resplendant through the end of December, which is more than I can report about some of the $65-plus trees I recall from days of Christmas Past.

I went again this year to get a Chubby and Tubby tree, and everyone who visits Ellie Bluebell's house can't quite believe it's a $25 tree. Christmas cheer on the cheap!

Chubby & Tubby Christmas Trees
17212 Aurora Ave N, Seattle 98133