Round Two, Part Two: Homemade Baby Food

Okay, so it's nearly two months later and I am just now finishing the Round Two baby food post.  How sad is that?  The fact that I have a somewhat clean house and a happy, alive baby are two decent reasons that I shouldn't worry about it, but, man.  I gotta get better at this.

Where were we?  Zucchini?  The squash is in the oven.  The zucchini is about to get steamed.

Like the larger pictures??

Don't forget: it is extra important to get organic when you're going to include the skin in the puree!  I pretty much always get organic anyway, because little ones eat so much more than adults do comparatively to their body weight, so chemicals build up in their little bodies in much higher quantities than adults!

A full, medium-sized pot (like mine) of zukes will steam up really quick, about 8 minutes.  And the less you cook the more nutrients baby gets.

Look at that beautiful puree!  Zukes cook down and then puree down even further, so you can feel good about how much good stuff your baby is getting even if they only eat a little.

I thought these were really beautiful.  I may need to get out more, like maybe go to a museum or the opera or something.

(And as you can see, commercial baby food has its place in my kitchen too!)

I froze them up in the small, 1.5 oz silicone mini muffin tins, which are terrible for muffins but awesome for baby food.

Where's that squash??  It ended up taking nearly two hours in the oven, and I didn't even get it cooked enough, which was evident when I pureed it and it was still pretty stringy.  I'm not even going to show it to you it was so bad.

Alright, moving on to the apple sauce.  I don't think I can screw this one up!

I didn't worry about getting all the skin off since these are organic apples.  From my very own home state of Washington.  I cut them up really coarsely since they're getting pureed anyway.

These smelled so good steaming!

God bless food processors.  Can you imagine having to grind all this stuff up by hand?  Oh wait.  Pretty sure that's how my mom did it, with a little countertop food mill.  I love you, Meem.

Who says you can't mix zucchini and applesauce?  That's the beauty of feeding an infant.  They don't have any preconceived notions of what goes with what.  I have been known to put zucchini or even kale in Natalie's oatmeal!

By the way, this applesauce was so unbelievably delicious unsweetened.  I guess they don't call them Red Delicious for nothing.  It was hard to make sure all of it found its way to Natalie instead of my own mouth.  And the house smelled amazing!

I will say, though, that pound for pound and dollar for dollar, I will probably buy organic jarred applesauce in the future.  Or at least until the cost of organic apples drops at the farmer's market later in the season.

Everything else I have made has been more cost-effective than (not to mention nutritionally superior to)  commercial baby food, and much of what I have made is not even available commercially (like the zucchini).

So set aside an hour or two (or maybe two months) and make your little one some apple-zucchini sauce!

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