I Feel Pretty

Like the new design?  This was long overdue.  And I didn't even win that contest I posted about a few months ago, I did it myself!  The only thing better than winning free pretty is DIY pretty.

In the interest of feeling pretty, there's a blog I read and love I thought I'd tell you about, by a chick I love, who goes by the name of Carolyn.  Handcrafted Carolyn, that is.  Makeup, jewelry, sass, she does it all.  You will love.

Another thing that's got me feeling pretty lately are dresses and the weather which is finally allowing me to wear them!  My friend Laverne, whom you can stalk here, and I agree that one of the very best places to get pretty dresses is Puella.  

I am wearing this one right now.

You may have seen this brand at Anthropologie, which translates to big bucks, but we figured out how to get them on the cheap: 

I have never, EVER been able to resist a grab bag.  Puella's are amazing.  They are only offered a few times a year.  You choose your size and wait a good long while for it to arrive.  You don't have too many rights with these grab bags (no returns, Missy), but you should just keep your mouth shut and enjoy the spoils about to come to you.  Trust.  

The other dress treasure trove I have recently stumbled upon is REI.  Yes, you read that right: REI!  This summer their women's buyers really hooked us girly girls (and outdoorsy girls and casual girls and athletic girls etc) up with some awesome options.  

I got a black Patagonia Kamala and blue Patagonia Margo (seen above.  Hot!)  

(And I hope I don't need to tell you that the way to save money at REI is by being a member - 10% dividend checks once a year are a pretty awesome little windfall I always forget about till it arrives)

So cheers to summer, dresses, and feeling pretty!