Weekly Menu 2.19.12 Two Experiments

Here's what's been cooking at Ellie Bluebell's House this last week.

A few experiments this week, with mixed results:


Our pal Kishin was in town, so we went out for some grilled fish tacos at the always tasty La Carta de Oaxaca.  We had to take him somewhere good as he lives in the Land of Many Amazing Restaurants, also known as Manhattan.  He seemed happy.


Chipotle-Lime Tempeh Tacos from Peas and Thank You.  Luckily I made them on a night Casey would be gone because they were terrible.  Sorry, Peas.  Is there any good use for tempeh?  Please comment if you know of one, because I really, really want to like it.  But, man.  That stuff is gnarly.  I may not be hippie enough.


Turkey meatballs, tomato-basil pizza veggie burger for me, secret ingredient marinara, and polenta.  Happy Meatball, everyone!


Black Bean Chilaquile, spicy slaw


working on the copious amounts of leftovers this week's menu generated


The only hit of this week's two experiments.  Cheese Ravioli with Browned Butter, Sage and Walnut Pesto.  So good we are having it again in the near future, like tonight.  One outta two ain't bad...


in honor of my darling daddy's birthday, we made oven-roasted salmon, scalloped potatoes, spinach salad, and carrot cake.  I ended up switching the apple tart to carrot cake at the last moment since I made apple pie for Casey's birthday earlier this month.  Plus, I had a ton of carrots to use up!

What have you been cooking this week?  Any successful (or unsuccessful) experiments?

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