Bourbon Bing Cherries

Planning ahead and waiting around are the names of my game right now.

I've been keeping the laundry done and the house clean so that when we have to leave at any moment for the hospital for baby number two, things won't be a disaster when we come home.  I've been freezing soup, buying extra pantry staples, and trying to use up perishables from the fridge.

Or at least that's my excuse for making a batch of Bourbon Bing Cherries.  Planning ahead.  They have to steep in the fridge for at least a week, and they've been in there since last Monday.

King's Hardware posted a picture of giant jars of their housemade bourbon cherries on their facebook page a few weeks back, and I just happened to have a few pounds of cherries in the fridge.  Not all of them were used for the clafoutis, so my course of action was clear...

I used Bulleit Bourbon, and needed just a little more liquid since there wasn't quite a cup left in the bottle, so I grabbed this stuff:

Catdaddy Moonshine.  It's spiced, and from what I smelled, will be a perfect addition to the mix.  I did not yet taste the liquid or the final product, but my money's on good stuff.

Bourbon Bing Cherries

1/2 lb of cherries, washed
1 c bourbon
1/4 c brown sugar
a lidded, glass jar

1.  Combine bourbon or other liquor with brown sugar in a small, heavy saucepan.  Heat slowly until hot.  Don't boil or you'll kill some of your alcohol - heaven forbid!

2.  Warm jar with hot water from tap or in dishwasher.  Cram full of cherries.

3.  Slowly pour hot alcohol over cherries.  Push cherries down so they are submerged.

4.  Steep in fridge for a minimum of one week.  Cherries will keep for up to three months.  Maybe more, but we will probably never know since they'll all be eaten well before then.

Cherries can be pitted and de-stemmed or left as is.

I can't wait to try these cherries in a Maker's Manhattan - homemade bourbon cherry definitely trumps mass-produced maraschino.  The liquid should be tasty enough to serve on the rocks, or with a bit of soda water.

Bon Maman jam jars make a cute container for these!  Did someone do you a huge favor recently?  Thank them with Bourbon Bing Cherries.  Who wouldn't love to find a jar of these on their doorstep?

How will you use your Bourbon Bings??  Thank you gifts or hoard for self?

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