Weekly Menu 1.29.12 (a little late)

I always want to know what everyone else is cooking to get ideas for my own menus, so I thought I'd start posting our weekly menu every Sunday.  Yes, I'm really late on that this week, but in the future I will be posting it on Sunday.

Or maybe Monday.

Early-in-the-week-ish, how about that?

Making a weekly menu is something I always wanted to do, but never actually did until I stopped working outside the home, and also created a place to post the menu.  Many people who come to Ellie Bluebell's House ask where I got our wall calendar/menu board.  The answer is, of course, Etsy, from a wonderful shop called Simple Shapes.

Here it is for the week of 1.29.12 through 2.4.12.

Just in case you can't read it (better camera work will be included in all future posts, I promise)...

Mon - crab cakes, sweet potato tots, salad
Tues - miso mushroom noodle bowls, edamame fried rice
Weds - roasted vegetable lasagne, citrus avocado spinach salad
Thurs - leftovers
Fri - spinach souffle, breadsticks
Sat - pizza, salad
Sun - steelhead, crusty puffs (yukon gold potatoes), broccoli

Post coming soon about Spinach Souffle!

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