Weekly Menu 2.12.12 and May Thai

Here's what's been cooking at our house this week.

Monday - bratwurst for Casey and Natalie, Field Roast apple and sage sausages for me, oven fries, carrots, peas, and corn

Tuesday - dinner date

Wednesday - leftovers from dinner date

Thursday - macaroni & cheese, Harvard beets, broccoli and carrots

Friday - Taco Time

Saturday - homemade pizza, tomato and avocado salad

Sunday - broiled steelhead, cranberry walnut quinoa, glazed carrots, rolls

Some weeks I don't get the entire week's meals planned out ahead of time, and roll with things as the week goes on.  That happened this week, when I was blindsided by an urgent craving for Taco Time on Friday evening, so chilaquile is getting pushed ahead to next week.

Valentine's Day meant a delicious dinner out at May Thai.  After my friends Alli and Brookeli (who have both spent some time in Thailand) told me to seek it out, I was thrilled to see green papaya salad (Som Tum) on their menu.  Too bad I had to share it with Casey!  As I was eating it, I was already planning my return trip to obtain more one day soon - sweet, salty, sour, crunchy and satisfying.

Next Friday's dinner better watch out: it could very well be replaced at the last minute by May Thai Som Tum takeout if papaya salad sounds good!

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